Work Package No. Action Deliverables Expected Output
WP 1
Project administrative and technical management D1.1 D1.2 D1.3 Project management information package and contractual relationships. Interim report. Final report.
WP 2
Preparing of national report from the partner institutions D2.1 D2.2 D2.3 Reports on current state of geodetic activities in each individual partner country. Reference Frame issues Development of recommendations for science policy/technical roadmap in this area.
WP 3
Geodetic Educational Activities; Students and lecturers Exchange

D3.1 D3.2 D3.3

State-of-art of geodetic scientific and educational activities. List of general geodetic capabilities Overall review report.
WP 4
Studying Austrian experience and training -Processing of space geodetic observations D4.1 D4.2 D4.3 D4.4 D4.5 Bilateral and multilateral tests of geodetic data processing. Comparison of different mathematical models. Training of scientific teams. Recommendations for future geodetic data and results exchange Report, publications.
WP 5
Maintenance of BALGEOS web-site

D5.1 D5.2 D5.3

Information and data from individual partners. Dynamic links to partners? web pages. Information about geodetic activities, news, events, etc.
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