1. To strengthen the good scientific relationships between the partners and individual scientists, and build up a stable collaborative.
  2. To encourage and qualify young and early stage Kosovo researchers and PhD students to work within the BALGEOS-II project.
  3.  To improve the technological environment in the partner countries and to extend collaboration with other European and International partners in order to contribute to the EU policy of integration of Southeast European countries especially those which are not members of the EU.
  4.  To contribute to the geodetic GGOS strategy for development of Earth observation systems in the Balkan region.
  5. To perform test processing of exchanged geodetic with participation of young researchers and PhD students.
  6. To facilitate and improve technology transfer and access to knowledge, exploiting and disseminating scientific methods and research results between Austria, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Albania.
  7.  To establish the basis for advance in geodetic education in Kosovo, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, and subsequently in the rest of the Balkan countries.
  8.  To increase the consortium capacity through regional bilateral and multilateral cooperation, training meetings, mobility of scientists and PhD students.