The proposed project aims to strengthen the scientific co-operation between Austrian, Albanian, Bosnian and Herzegovina, Bulgarian, Kosovar, and Macedonian institutions to further partnersí integration in the GGOS. The project will contribute to the regional implementation of GGOS by developing national and regional capacities for coordinating, using and sharing geodetic data and information. The objectives of the proposal include an evaluation of the possibility to extend the EUREF Permanent Network (EPN) in Southeast Europe, testing the models for space geodetic observations processing, and integration of the obtained results from previous geodetic studies for the regions of Central and Southeast Europe in an unified frame. The research consortium plan to prepare two workshops, which will cover the top priorities of the GGOS in Europe, as well as to suggest a way for regional implementation in the Balkans for consideration by the responsible IAG institutions. It is foreseen to disseminate the results by publications in international specialized journals and at geodetic meetings. The project results will contribute to the geodetic strategy for development of Earth observation systems in Southeast Europe. The expected impact of the joint project is an effective collaboration among partners to successfully initiate activities in the 7FP - Theme 6: Environment (including climate change) and other European initiatives.

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